Summer Camps

April 2015

Tri-Mount is a place like no other where time stands still, traditions are made, bonds are formed, and personal challenges are met.   Tri Mount is where a boy becomes a Scout from jumping in Kay-Bee Lake to rowing a boat or even paddling a canoe across the lake during an OA ceremony.  In an instance you are suspended in a place where the value is of personal triumph, where a Scout puts into action what he has learned.  Scouts form a brotherhood, where they are each other’s support and teachers.

Tri Mount is a place to hear one voice in many as Scout Vespers is sung at the end of a campfire; where the smell of nature surrounds you; where at night there are millions of stars to be seen; where the idea of star gazing becomes mesmerizing.

Tri Mount is a spot to leave a never ending mark in Scouting!  We invite you to discover this for yourself and make memories that will last generations.


Paul Van der Kruik                                                                                                                                    Lesley Birk

Director of Properties & Camping                                                                                                Program Director



Camp Tri-Mount Is A Nationally Accredited Camp- NCAP